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November 2010 (5 years ago)

New album releases: My Kinda Party - Jason Aldean; Progress - Take That; Loud - Rihanna; Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj

On the 8th, Ray Davies tells Gigwise that Pete Townshend had wanted to work with him on an album covering old Kinks' songs, "but he was away on holiday and we had to finish the album at some point".

Roger Daltrey at BIMM Roger Daltrey at BIMM

On the 10th, Roger Daltrey gets a standing ovation from a packed audience at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in Brighton after he has an hour-long Q&A session. During the talk, Roger makes some critical remarks about Simon Cowell and his show The X Factor that are picked up by the press.

On the 12th, Roger says that he is considering a solo live album from his 2009 tour. The album has yet to appear.

Live at Leeds 40th Anniversary set Live at Leeds 40th Anniversary set

On the 15th, the 4-CD box set Live At Leeds 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Collector's Ediiton is released in the U.K. The U.S. release follows on the 22nd. The set includes the first release of The Who's 15 February 1970 performance at the Hull City Hall.

Collars and Coats ad Collars and Coats ad

On the 25th Roger performs at the Collars & Coats Gala Ball at the Battersea Power Station in South London. The show benefits the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

On the 29th, James Wood writes a long piece for The New Yorker praising Keith Moon's drumming. Entitled "Personal History: The Fun Stuff: My Life as Keith Moon", the article says "Moon was the drums not because he was the most technically accomplished of drummers but because his joyous, semaphoring lunacy suggested a man possessed by the antic spirit of drumming. He was pure, irresponsible, restless childishness".

November 2005 (10 years ago)

New album releases: Some Hearts - Carrie Underwood; Confessions on a Dance Floor - Madonna; The Road and The Radio - Kenny Chesney; Ultimate Collection - Eurythmics
Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey London 2005 Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey London 2005
Photo: David Westing

On the 2nd, Pete and Roger attend a launch party in London for the coming release of the The Who - Quadrophenia and Tommy Live with Special Guests DVD. The DVD is released there on the 7th.

On the 3rd, Pete's girlfriend Rachel Fuller reads some remarks attacking her from a Who forum on her webcast In The Attic. Pete calls the attackers "c**ts". "C**ts or f***ing c**ts. I can't decide". He quickly apologizes.

On the 6th, the Sunday Mirror reports that Roger has slagged Heather Mills McCartney after meeting her backstage at the Live8 event. "She was at Live 8 with a camera...scary...I looked down the barrel and saw her face - and I thought: 'This is the coldest human being I have met in my whole life'. She was one cold fish". In turn, Roger also worries for fellow Live 8 performer Pete Doherty: "It's a waste of a life really - because he's got talent. He seems to be feeding off it - now he's become infamous for his drug addiction he seems to think: 'That's what I do so I've got to do it.' It's very sad".

Live8 DVD Live8 DVD

On the 8th, the Live 8 DVD boxset is released featuring Pete and Roger's performances of "Who Are You" and "Won't Get Fooled Again."

On the 10th, the In The Attic webcast features two tape clips, one of Roger in the attic performing "Real Good Looking Boy" and the other of Pete in the studio premiering the song, "How Can I Help You, Sir?".

On the 16th, Roger returns to his performances at A Night at the Proms as it moves to moves to Ahoy in Rotterdam. Performances run through the rest of the month.

Pete Townshend gives Dave Gilmour award Pete Townshend gives Dave Gilmour award
Photo: Dave Hogan

Also on the 16th, Pete attends the induction of The Who into the U.K. Music Hall of Fame. Ray Davies handles the intro. Pete provides the induction intro for Pink Floyd.

On the 17th, Pete performs "Blue Red and Grey" live on In The Attic and explains the background to the song. Rachel also shows backstage video from the U.K. Music Hall of Fame including Pete, apparently in emotional distress, saying he didn't enjoy the experience. He later denies that was what he meant.

On the 25th, Pete posts a pdf file on his site in response to recent questions about whether charities such as Live 8 do any good for poor countries. Ultimately Pete has to say that he has no answers: "I am uncomfortable about being received as someone who might be able to impart anything other than the elegant dividing of time known as music. It is what I do best. Because my work requires me to use words, without the impetuosity of youth I stumble today over finding something useful to say. I do not see it as my job to inspire anybody; that would be arrogant. But I must accept that it seems my mere words do inspire some people."

Thunderfingers DVD Thunderfingers DVD

On the 28th, the DVD Thunderfingers, A Tribute to John Entwistle of 'The Who' is released in Europe.

November 2000 (15 years ago)

New album releases: 1 - The Beatles; Black & Blue - The Backstreet Boys; A Day Without Rain - Enya; Coast to Coast - Westlife
The Who in Glasgow 2000 The Who in Glasgow 2000
Photo: Ross Halfin

The Who continue their tour of the U.K. on the 2nd, heading up to Manchester Arena, then spending the 3rd at the Glasgow SECC Arena with another night on the 5th. Following that is a concert at Newcastle Arena on the 5th.

The Who on The Simpsons The Who on The Simpsons

On the 5th, The Simpsons airs their 250th episode "A Tale of Two Springfields" in which Homer tries to restore his divided hometown by getting The Who to perform. Roger and John voice themselves while Pete's brother Paul provides his sibling's voice. Excerpts of "The Seeker" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" are used in the program.

Pete Townshend Birmingham 2000 Pete Townshend Birmingham 2000
photo: Ross Halfin

"Won't Get Fooled Again" stays in the spotlight as, on the 7th, Election Day in the U.S., Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush uses the song during a political rally. Word gets back to Pete who, on stage at Birmingham NEC on the 8th, states, "He didn't ask my permission, I don't know if he asked Roger's, so the new President of the United States is what I would call a c**t". Roger replies, "He'll hang you for that" referring to the former Texas Governor's record for executions. It is the first but not the last time the paths of The Who and the new U.S. President cross.

On the 9th, Time magazine prints a letter by Pete stating, "I don't really give two s**ts who uses it. Even some Who fans get its intention wrong don't they?" He goes on to note that for him, a big political issue would be the lack of state-supported health care for the poor making America seem "a much more brutal country than it really is."

The Who at Wembley 2000 The Who at Wembley 2000
photo: Ross Halfin

The Who continue on to Sheffield Arena (10th), the London Arena (13th) and Wembley Arena (15th and 16th). Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros open for all these dates.

On the 15th, Pete announces on his website that there will be no European Who tour in 2001 and that plans for a new Who album have been put on hold.

On the 16th, Rolling Stone declares "My Generation" the 33rd best pop song of all time. On the same day, Keith Moon's former "handler," Dougal Butler, tries to sell off tons of Moon memorabilia at the Fleetwood-Owen website. Very little of it matches his minimum bids.

Down By Law Psuedo Heroes

On the 21st, Down By Law release a cover of "The Kids Are Alright" on their album Down By Law/Pseudo Heroes: Split.

On the 22nd, Pete reports on his website that Roger got upset when he had announced that there would be no Who album recorded anytime soon. He had to telephone him and calm him down.

On the 23rd, Pete revises a poem "There is Something in My Food" for publication.

Royal Albert Hall ad 2000 Royal Albert Hall ad 2000

On the 27th, The Who headline a charity show benefiting the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall. Special guests joining The Who on stage are Eddie Vedder, Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Bryan Adams, Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics and violinist Kennedy. The show is later broadcast in a truncated version on OnDigital TV in the U.K. and later released in DVD and CD formats.

November 1995 (20 years ago)

New album releases: Made in Heaven - Queen; Something to Remember - Madonna; Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains; Liquid Swords - Genius/GZA
The Wizard of Oz in Concert The Wizard of Oz in Concert

On the 5th, Roger plays the Tin Man and sings "If I Only Had a Heart" in an all-star concert of "The Wizard Of Oz" at Avery Fisher Hall in New York for the benefit of the Children's Defense Fund. The U.S. cable network TNT airs the concert and rehearsal video in a special on the 22nd. It is later released on CD and home video.

Who's Next 1995 edition Who's Next 1995 edition

On the 7th, an expanded CD of Who's Next is released. In addition to the original nine-track album, it also includes three tracks from the earlier New York sessions, two tracks from the late April 1971 Young Vic Theatre concert, and a lengthy essay by Pete about the album's tortured genesis.

1995 Roger Daltrey John Entwistle German tour poster

On the 20th, Roger and John were supposed to perform in concert in Offenbach, Germany but the show is cancelled.

November 1990 (25 years ago)

New album releases: The Immaculate Collection - Madonna; Serious Hits... Live! - Phil Collins; I'm Your Baby Tonight - Whitney Houston; Put Yourself In My Shoes - Clint Black
My Gay Secret My Gay Secret

At the beginning of the month, a press release is issued about details included in the newly-published book of interviews Rock Lives by Timothy White. One of those details contains some out-of-context remarks Pete made about the song "Rough Boys" that seem to imply that he is gay. The press grabs this misperception and runs with it, with headlines such as "My Gay Secret," "Out of The Closet," and "I Am Woman". Pete refuses to contradict the reports. Recalling the "scandal" three years later he says, "I don't want to let it be known that it is in any sense an important part of my self-image to be thought of as a breeder. I don't want to deny bisexuality as if I were being accused of child molestation or murder, as if it were some crime or something to be ashamed of, because that would be cruel to people who are gay". He finally officially denies being gay in 1999.

Green Day Sweet Children EP Green Day Sweet Children EP

Around this time the California punk band Green Day releases their EP Sweet Children featuring a cover of "My Generation".

Forgotten Prisoners Forgotten Prisoners

On the 19th, Roger appears in the TNT cable-movie Forgotten Prisoners: The Amnesty Files. Roger plays "Howard" in a story about the work of the organization Amnesty International.

November 1985 (30 years ago)

New record releases: Promise - Sade; The Broadway Album - Barbra Streisand; Riptide - Robert Palmer; Welcome To The Real World - Mr. Mister
Pete Townshend Brixton 1985 ad Pete Townshend Brixton 1985 ad

On the 1st, Pete performs at Brixton Academy with an additional show the next evening, the proceeds of both shows going to Pete's Double O charity. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd plays electric guitar while Pete sticks to acoustic. Pete's backing band Deep End will eventually form the nucleus of the 1989 touring Who. The performances are recorded and filmed and later released on vinyl, CD and videotape.

Face The Face US PS Face The Face US PS

On the 2nd, Pete's new single "Face The Face" backed with "Hiding Out" from the White City album is released. It fails to chart in the U.K. but becomes Pete's last Top Forty single hit in the U.S. The accompanying video goes into heavy rotation on MTV. On the same day the all-star "Sun City," credited to Artists Against Apartheid, enters the U.S. charts. Pete is one of the artists. The single peaks at #38 in the U.S. but goes to #21 in the U.K.

Also on the 2nd, Roger's Pete-penned solo single "After the Fire" reaches its peak on the U.S. Billboard charts at #48.

Roger is interviewed by Chris Welch for Creem. He expresses a dislike for recent politically oriented rock, especially when music becomes the least important element to a musician.

On the 3rd, Pete is the subject of ITV's The South Bank Show. Pete tours the storage room in his studio, performs quick studio versions of "That's All Right, Mama" and "After The Fire," rehearses with Mark Knopfler for the Prince's Trust Concert, and gives a book report at his job at Faber & Faber. On the night of the broadcast Pete and the Deep End band hold a party at the Hard Rock Café in London.

On the 9th, an episode of the Saturday morning children's program Alvin & The Chipmunks features the Chipmunks performing "Magic Bus".

On the 10th the BBC programme Music Box has a special called "Is There Life After The Who". Kenney Jones tours John's home Quarwood and talks with John about his guitar collection.

On the 11th, Pete travels to New York to do promotion for the forthcoming White City video/album and his short-story collection Horse's Neck. On the 12th he is a guest on Late Night With David Letterman (NBC-TV) and later holds an album release party at NBC Studios. A live radio broadcast is held during the party with Pete taking calls from listeners. In addition, Pete appears on the syndicated show Entertainment This Week and attends another album launch party, this one for Bob Dylan's Biograph.

Pete Townshend and Lady Diana Nov 1985 Pete Townshend and Lady Diana Nov 1985

Back in London on the 19th, Pete continues the U.S. promotion, being interviewed by WMMR-FM Philadelphia who have taken their morning show to London. That evening he attends a party held by Prince Charles and Lady Diana to salute artists who have supported the Prince's Trust charity.

White City Movie Ad White City Movie Ad

On the 27th, Pete's mini-movie White City is released on videodisc and videotape. The film shows Pete playing a fictional version of himself, visiting an old working-class friend who is recently divorced from a swimming instructor and lives in the titular housing project. Following the movie is an explanatory interview with Pete and an in-studio performance of a song not included on the accompanying LP, "Night School."

The film is reviewed by Stephen Holden in The New York Times who, although he enjoys the musical performances, finds the rest odd and moody with overblown symbolism. Deidre Rockmaker in Goldmine also gives the film a bad review, but positive reviews come from Ned Geesin in People ("tremendously touching"), Tony Seideman in Rolling Stone ("art with a capital A") and Louis Meredith in Stereo Review who compares it favorably with the work of John Cassavetes.

White City album White City album

On the 29th, Pete releases his first post-Who breakup solo album, White City - A Novel. It receives positive reviews from Variety, Michael Tearson in Audio, Bill Milkowski in Down Beat and Rob Tannenbaum in Rolling Stone, both of the latter calling it Pete's best work since Empty Glass. Unfavorable reviews, however, tend to be very negative with slams by Billy Altman in Spin ("pretentiously boring"), Will Smith in Melody Maker ("a pitiful specimen") and Craig Zeller in Creem who says Pete should give up as far as rock 'n roll is concerned. The album peaks at #70 in the U.K. but reaches #26 in the U.S.

Who's Missing Who's Missing

On the 30th, Who's Missing is released. Among the collection of B-sides and European-only tracks are the first releases of "Leaving Here," "Lubie (Come Back Home)," and a 1971 live version of "Bargain." Pete pens the liner notes ending "listening to Who's Missing I realize that many of us will always be - missing The Who". The album peaks at #116 in the U.S. charts and does not chart in the U.K.

November 1980 (35 years ago)

New album releases: Hi Infidelity - R.E.O. Speedwagon; Eagles Live - The Eagles; The Jazz Singer - Neil Diamond; Double Fantasy - John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Bill Szymczyk and Kenney Jones Bill Szymczyk and Kenney Jones

On the 4th, The Who and producer Bill Szymczyk are back at work on the long-delayed Face Dances album as the soon-to-be hit single "You Better You Bet" is recorded at Odyssey Studios. Szymczyk had been unable to record The Who over the last several months due to injuries he sustained in a car accident followed by a commitment to produce The Eagles' live album.

Keep On Working picture sleeve Keep On Working picture sleeve

Pete's "Rough Boys" backed with "Jools and Jim" is released in the U.S. On the 29th, it reaches its peak at /89 in the Billboard charts (it hits #99 in Cash Box). In the U.K. another single is pulled from Empty Glass, "Keep On Working" backed with "Jools and Jim." The latter does not make the charts.

November 1975 (40 years ago)

New album releases: Gratitude - Earth, Wind & Fire; A Night At The Opera - Queen; The Best of Carly Simon - Carly Simon; Family Reunion - The O'Jays
Who ticket Nov 7, 1975 Who ticket Nov 7, 1975

The Who's European Continental tour continues on the 2nd and 3rd at the Messehalle in Sindelfingen, Germany. From there they finish the tour with two nights (6th and 7th) at the Freidrich Ebert Halle in Ludwigshaven, West Germany.

Love's Dream German picture sleeve Love's Dream German picture sleeve

On the 5th, a single by Roger from the Lisztomania soundtrack is released in the U.S. with the European release following on the 28th. "Love's Dream" backed with "Orpheus Song" fails to hit any of the charts. Meanwhile the movie has its London premiere at the Warner West End in Leicester Square on the 13th.

75-11-08 NME Moon 75-11-08 NME Moon

On the 8th, New Musical Express reports that recent Tommy co-stars Oliver Reed and Keith Moon are planning on appearing in a two-man play in London. Oliver Reed says it is to be called "The Dinner Party" but Keith wants "An Evening of British Rubbish". By either title, the play never hits the boards.

On the 15th, Melody Maker runs a contest in which the following sentence is to be completed: "The Who is the best band in the world because..."

Prestidigitation album Prestidigitation album

Ronnie Charles, accompanied by The London Symphony Orchestra, releases the album Prestidigitation in the U.S. with a cover of "Love, Reign O'er Me." It could be that the backing orchestration was the one recorded by Pete in 1972 for inclusion in the London Symphony orchestra's Tommy project.

On the 18th, The Who fly to New York to begin the first leg of their North American tour. Although the band is mostly itching to hit the road again and they have a new album to promote, the tour does have some elements of a moneymaking project due to the fact that the band's standing lawsuit with their former managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp has frozen all the proceeds from their songs and albums prior to The Who By Numbers. The freeze will remain in effect until early 1977.

75-11-20 ticket

On the 20th, The Who begin their 1975 North American tour in Houston at The Summit. The show is released on DVD in 2007.

Nov 20, 1975 post-show orgy Nov 20, 1975 post-show orgy
Photo: James Fortune

Tensions are relieved at an after-show album party held by MCA that turns into an orgy. Keith is photographed performing — in more ways than one — with topless groupies. The cops are called in and John and stage manager John "Wiggy" Wolff are arrested for "disorderly conduct". John finds the policeman who has arrested him shares his last name. When John tells him his name is also Entwistle, the policeman thinks John is making fun of him. John and Wiggy spend a couple of hours in jail before they are bailed out.

1975 US Tour Program 1975 US Tour Program

The two rejoin The Who at the L.S.U. Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (21st), the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis (23rd), The Omni in Atlanta (24th) [editor's note: a fantastic performance and the best concert of my life], The MTSU Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (25th), the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton Roads, Virginia (27th), the Memorial Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina (28th) and Indiana University Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana (30th).

Squeeze Box US promo picture sleeve Squeeze Box US promo picture sleeve

On the 22nd, a single from The Who By Numbers, "Squeeze Box" backed with "Success Story" is released in the U.S. Pete considers "Squeeze Box" The Who's most embarrassing single but, to its author's shock and chagrin, it becomes a Top Ten hit, spending 16 weeks in the Billboard Top One Hundred, the longest chart action for any U.S. Who single.

November 1970 (45 years ago)

New album releases: All Things Must Pass - George Harrison; Sly & The Family Stone's Greatest Hits - Sly & The Family Stone; Tea for the Tillerman - Cat Stevens; Live Album - Grand Funk Railroad
The Who portrait 3 Nov 1970 The Who portrait 3 Nov 1970
Photo: David Montgomery

On the 3rd, The Who are photographed by David Montgomery at his Edith Grove, Chelsea studio. The photos are extensively employed as publicity and are later used for the U.S. cover of Who's Better Who's Best and the U.K. cover of The Definitive Collection.

Backtrack 14 The Ox Backtrack 14 The Ox

On the 6th more £1-each Backtrack LP's are released in the U.K. Backtrack 8 is a reissue of A Quick One (mono), Backtrack 9 is The Who Sell Out and Backtrack 14: The Ox is a collection of Who songs all written by John Entwistle.

1970 UK Tommy EP 1970 UK Tommy EP

Also on this date the poor-selling "See Me Feel Me" single on Track is withdrawn and replaced by a Tommy EP. Those who had already bought the single were allowed to exchange it for the EP at the Track Records office. Despite all the deals, the EP also does not make the charts.

Pete Townshend NME 7 Nov 1970 Pete Townshend NME 7 Nov 1970

On the 7th are several Who articles. In Melody Maker, Chris Charlesworth pens "I See A Mad Moon Rising," in which he recounts Keith's antics before and after the October 29th Hammersmith Palais concert. In another article, Charlesworth interviews Bob Pridden. And in New Musical Express is part one of a large interview with Pete conducted by Richard Green. The interview concludes on the 14th.

On the 8th, Keith sits in on congas at an East Of Eden gig at the Lyceum, London, then on the 12th achieves a lifelong dream when he jams onstage with The Beach Boys at the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, after being recruited on the train journey enroute.

Thunderclap Newman Wild Country PS Thunderclap Newman Wild Country PS

On the 13th, another single is pulled from the Thunderclap Newman album, "Wild Country" backed with "Hollywood Dream" and released in the U.K. Pete produces the single and plays bass on it with the addition of pedal steel on the b-side. It fails to chart.

Pete Townshend as hobo Pete Townshend as hobo

On the 14th, Melody Maker carries the fourth installment of "The Pete Townshend Page." This one is called "TV miming: who is being fooled?" In it Pete complains about the too-tight TV restrictions of the British Musician's Union and he also discusses Top Of The Pops and memories of Ready, Steady, GO! Accompanying the article are pictures of Pete wearing a hobo outfit and holding a Musician's Union card.

The Who play a few dates throughout the month in the U.K. On the 21st The Who return to Leeds University. Desperate for new material and trying not to supply the same show they recorded there in February, The Who cut more songs out of Tommy and replace them with covers of "Daddy Rolling Stone," "Cinnamon Girl" and "All Right Now."

On the 26th, The Who fail to play the Fillmore North in Newcastle after Roger gets fogged in on the motorway. Pete, John and Keith announce the postponement from the stage. The prog rock band Curved Air is substituted. The Who finish the month at Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry. They plan to leave on a high note but after cutting down Tommy and losing "Summertime Blues" and "Shakin' All Over" they realize they've only played 45 minutes! Pete later declares the show a "disaster."

On the 30th, John begins recording the first Who solo album, Smash Your Head Against The Wall at Trident Studios. Recording will continue for the next two weeks with Keith dropping by to play bongos on "Number 29 (Big Chicken)" and to sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" for the fade-out to "I Believe In Everything."

November 1965 (50 years ago)

New records: "I Got You (I Feel Good)" - James Brown; "The Sounds of Silence" - Simon & Garfunkel; "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice" - The Lovin' Spoonful; "Till the End of the Day" - The Kinks
The Who at Locarno Ballroom Stevenage 3 Nov 1965 The Who at Locarno Ballroom Stevenage 3 Nov 1965

With their new single, "My Generation", now out, The Who hit the road. The 1st finds them at the Bluesville Club at the Baths Hall in Ipswich. The next evening they are back at The Marquee in London where they break box office records for the venue. It is around here The Everly Brothers' "Man With Money" and Roy Orbison's "Love Hurts" (in the Everly's arrangement) are added to the set list. This show is followed by the Locarno Ballroom in Stevenage (3rd).

The performance on the 4th at Queen's Hall, Barnstaple is cancelled at 10:15pm supposedly because of a Daltrey sore throat although there may have been other Roger problems as the band is then a hair away from kicking their lead singer out of the band. The support group The Spartans fill in.

Evidence that there might have been other reasons for the cancellation are suggested the next day as The Who plus Roger perform "Man With Money," "My Generation" and part of "Shout and Shimmy" live on Ready, Steady, GO!

Pete Townshend Record Mirror Nov 1965 Pete Townshend Record Mirror Nov 1965

On the 6th, Pete gives the Record Mirror the most accurate story as to why the Mod in "My Generation" is stuttering: because he is "blocked up" (high) on speed. Sentences later, he denies it. "No, he's not blocked; he just can't form his words".

On the 6th, The Who continue single promotion at St. George's Ballroom in Hinkley followed by The King Mojo Club in Sheffield on the 7th.

On the 8th, Topteen Music Parade claims The Who spend £100 a week on clothes.

On the 10th, The Who go back into IBC Studio A to complete their first album for a Christmas release. "The Good's Gone," "La La La Lies," "It's Not True" and "Much Too Much" are recorded. The next day is taken up by a flight to Manchester to play "My Generation" live on Top of the Pops, then back in the studio on the 12th to complete the album, recording "A Legal Matter" and an instrumental based on The Sufaris' "Waikiki Run" called "The Ox." Nicky Hopkins is present to play piano throughout both sessions and, at one point, he and Keith wander over to another studio and play on The Merseybeats' song "I Stand Accused," Nicky on piano and Keith on gong. The Who's first album that The Who would later claim took six hours to record is actually done from first track to last in seven months of intermittent trips to the studio.

Also on the 12th, is the New Musical Express article "Smashing time costs Who fortune!" Roger is interviewed and says that the members of the band can't stand one another. The following day Pete is interviewed by Disc. He says he wouldn't mind growing old if he could do it like Picasso or Charlie Chaplin.

13 Nov 1965 ad 13 Nov 1965 ad

On the 13th, The Who head across the Channel to play La Locomotive Club in Paris. In the crowd is actress Catherine Deneuve, director Roger Vadim and his current flame, actress Jane Fonda. On the 15th, The Who are back in Old Blighty, playing The Pavilion in Bath followed by the Winter Gardens in Malvern on the 16th.

Flyer for 12 Nov 1965 Flyer for 12 Nov 1965

During this month The Who's managers move their offices to Cavendish Square, just north of Oxford Circus. Also in the building is a booking agent from Australia, Robert Stigwood, now The Who's exclusive booker.

On the 16th, engineer Glyn Johns prepares the final mono mixes of "Out In The Street," recorded in April, and a 2:42 edit of "The Kids Are Alright" and ships the tape off to American Decca.

On the 17th, The Who play Queen Mary College in Stepney then again fly the next day to Manchester for a return appearance on Top Of The Pops performing "My Generation."

1965 Glad Rag Ball programme 1965 Glad Rag Ball programme

On the 19th, The Who replace the Kinks, who have kancelled, on Ready Steady GO! performing "Love Hurts," "My Generation" and again part of "Shout and Shimmy," before rushing over to their scheduled appearance at the Glad Rag Ball at the Empire Pool in Wembley. The London Students Carnival, Ltd. assemble the all-star show at which The Who are third-billed, the other acts being Donovan, The Hollies, Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, the Barron Knights, Wilson Pickett, Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band, the Birds, the Masterminds, the Golden Apples of the Sun and the Merseybeats. The Kinks again kancel as does future The Iron Man recording artist John Lee Hooker who is replaced by an 18-year old folk singer and future Track Records act, Marc Bolan.

The Who perform in front of 10,000 people, their biggest audience to date but the demands of the gig cannot stop backstage Who tempers from boiling over on stage. Roger complains about the inadequate sound system and storms off halfway through the set. The rest of the band carries on until The Who's sound system is installed at which time Roger agrees to return. Some of the other acts are shouted down or pelted with pennies in what is agreed to be a disastrous concert. Footage of The Who performing "My Generation" is shot by ATV and a snippet is featured in the 2007 movie Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who.

My Generation Billboard ad My Generation Billboard ad

On the 20th, "My Generation" backed with "Out In The Street (You're Gonna Know Me)" is released in the U.S. The single doesn't do well in the States but becomes a gigantic cult influence on recently formed American garage bands.

Melody Maker 20 Nov 1965 Melody Maker 20 Nov 1965

On the same day Melody Maker breaks the story of the near firing of Roger. They claim that Roger has been fired and will be replaced by Boz Burrell of the group Boz's People. Manager Chris Stamp denies the rumors in "The Who split mystery." However, the rumors are at least partly true (Boz Burrell may have been considered but later said he was never approached for the job). On the night of the 20th all four members show up to play at the Florida Rooms in Brighton.

On the 21st, "My Generation" hits the top of the charts, at least on the charts of the pirate radio station Radio London. Radio Caroline has it stalling at #2.

On the 22nd, The Who tape their Saturday Club appearance at Aeolian Hall, Studio One of the BBC. Songs recorded live in studio are "It's Not True," "The Good's Gone," "La La La Lies," "My Generation" and "Baby Don't You Do It."

The rest of the month is taken up with performances: the Dorothy Ballroom in Cambridge (23rd), the Town Hall in Stourbridge (24th), the Wimbledon Palais (26th), an all-nighter at the Marquee Dance Club in Birmingham (27th), the Oasis Club in Manchester (28th) and the Town Hall in High Wycombe (30th). A show on the 29th at St. Andrew's Hall in Norwich is cancelled after the band's van cannot make it through snowdrifts. A makeup show is planned for 13 December.

On the 27th, "My Generation" reaches its official U.K. peak at #2 being beaten out of first place by The Seekers' "The Carnival Is Over". Also on the 27th, Pete gets a call from ex-art-schoolmate Karen Astley. "We had a long, funny conversation and decided to start seeing each other".

The Untamed It's Not True 45

On the 29th, Who producer Shel Talmy masters a recent recording he has made of the band The Untamed covering "It's Not True."

November 1920 (95 years ago)

New record releases: "Wang Wang Blues" - Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra; "The Japanese Sandman" - Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra; "Avalon" - Al Jolson; "I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time" - Charles Harrison
Kit Moon Kit Moon
Photo: Hayley Madden

On the 4th, Kathleen Hopley, later to be known as Kit Moon and mother to Keith Moon, is born.

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The Who 50th tour to continue
The long delayed North American Who tour resumes Feb. 27 in Detroit.

The Who Track Singles

The Who — The Track Records Singles
15 7" vinyl discs and booklet
Released November 30.

Lambert and Stamp Bluray

Lambert & Stamp: The Movie
A documentary about the
unlikely pair who took
The Who to worldwide fame.
Now on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming.

The Who at Shea Stadium DVD

The Who at Shea Stadium 1982
Newly remixed in stereo
and surround sound
Now released on DVD and Blu-Ray

The Who Hits 50 CD

The Who Hits 50!
2-CD collection now in stores.

Pretend You're In A War

The Who: Pretend You're In A War
New history of The Who
in the Sixties by Mark Blake.
Great read, lots of original

Quadrophenia: Live in London

Quadrophenia: Live in London
5-disc special edition
Blu-ray, CD's and entire
original album in 5.1.

The Who FAQ

The Who FAQ
One of the best books
I've read about The Who.

Doug Sandom book

The Who Before The Who
By The Who's original
drummer (yes, before
Keith Moon!), Doug Sandom.
Available through Amazon
Kindle and hardcover.
THE home for all things

iPhone Who app

iWho on the iPhone or
iPad! The Who's
Official App Download HERE!

Who Cares logo

Teenage Cancer Trust have
launched a new fund-raising
For more information,
click the logo.

The Who's Official Website
Go here for exclusive tour
Pre-show sales and VIP

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Liner notes

Read my liner notes to The Who's albums
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