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September 2012 (5 years ago)

New music releases: "Gangnam Style" - Psy; "Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone")" - Anna Kendrick; "Clique" - Kanye West, Jay-Z and Big Sean; Babel - Mumford & Sons

On the 2nd, Simon Townshend, Pete Townshend's brother, appears on the cover of the Sunday Express Review where he discusses playing at the London Olympics with The Who and his upcoming U.K. solo tour.

On the 6th, Roger Daltrey and his solo band perform at a private event for the Oracle Club Excellence at the Atlantic Resort in the Bahamas.

On the 25th, Mojo magazine reviews the forthcoming Pete autobiography Who I Am calling it "the most self-denigrating rock bio ever." Rolling Stone gives it four stars and says it "could be the most conflicted rock memoir of all time."

The Sunday Times Who I Am cover The Sunday Times Who I Am cover

On the 30th, The Sunday Times has a special section with revelations from Who I Am.

September 2007 (10 years ago)

New music releases: "No One" - Alicia Keys; Graduation - Kanye West; "Shake It" - Metro Station; Still Feels Good - Rascal Flatts

On the 5th, The Sun prints an open letter by "Roger Daltrey (still rocking at 63)" about young British stars who seem to be heading towards an early death. "Watching Pete Doherty and indeed Amy Winehouse is very sad...There's a bathroom floor waiting somewhere for him...I don't know how to help Amy. It doesn't help if I tell her I've seen it all before and this is what is going to happen...She can't really want to kill herself, can she?" Winehouse will die of alcohol poisoning less than four years later.

On the 11th, The Ragamuffins of Love featuring Eff Dupp release their CD WISE UP! containing a cover of "It's Not True".

On the 12th, Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who has its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Hollywood Reporter calls it "an enjoyable enough primer" while Variety dubs it "an automatic addition to the boomer fan's DVD shelf."

Dear Mr. Fantasy DVD Dear Mr. Fantasy DVD

On the 17th, the Dear Mr. Fantasy DVD is released in the U.K. featuring a live Pete performance of "No Face No Name No Number." The U.S. release is the next day.

Roger Daltrey The Sage Gateshead Roger Daltrey The Sage Gateshead

On the 22nd, Roger performs at the Teenage Cancer Trust benefit at The Sage Gateshead. Additional performers MC Vic Reeves, Jimmy Nail, John Thompson, Gavin Webster, Ruby Turner, Sean Ruane, Jill Halfpenny, and Melissa Cavanagh. Roger performs "Giving It All Away", "Behind Blue Eyes" and is then joined by Jimmy Nail for "Squeeze Box".

On the 28th, the German guitarist Axel Rudi Pell releases his CD Diamonds Unlocked with a cover of "Won't Get Fooled Again."

September 2002 (15 years ago)

New music releases: "Lose Yourself" - Eminem; Elvis: 30 #1 Hits - Elvis Presley; Believe - Disturbed; The Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits I, II & III - Queen

On the 3rd, MCA releases A Quick One in stereo. The CD contains 6 new stereo remixes from the multitrack tapes by Andy Macpherson and the remaining stereo tracks from the album come from the original master tapes mixed in 1966. Jon Astley remasters the album.

On the same day David West releases the latest in his bluegrass takes on rock music, Pickin' On The Who.

Di-rect Discover Di-rect Discover

On the 6th, Di-rect releases its CD Discover featuring a cover of "My Generation."

Banger Sisters soundtrack Banger Sisters soundtrack

The Shel Talmy stereo remix My Generation: Deluxe Edition is also released in Europe on the 6th on both double CD and vinyl. The next day, Roger has a new song out, "Child O' Mine" on the soundtrack to The Banger Sisters.

On the 11th, the Las Vegas coroner releases his final report on John Entwistle's death. He confirms that John suffered a heart attack after taking cocaine. His night's companion, stripper Alison Rowse, remembers his last words as a request that she not let him sleep on his back since fellow rock stars Jimi Hendrix and John Bonham had died choking on vomit in their sleep.

On the 14th, The Who return to play the date at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas that had to be postponed after John died there. They then proceed to another postponed show, the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, California (15th), then the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles (17th) where a record is set with a gate of $795,000, the highest in the venue's history.

The Flaming Lips Are Taking Acid The Flaming Lips Are Taking Acid

On the 17th, The Flaming Lips release their CD Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid 1983-1988 with a bonus track cover of "Anyway, Anyhow Anywhere."

Also on the 17th, President Bush appears to quote The Who in a speech at the East Literature Magnet School in Nashville, Tennessee. "There's an old saying in Tennessee -- I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee -- that says, fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again."

Access Atlanta cartoon

On the 19th, Roger is quoted in the Dallas Morning News saying he is listening to Eminem's CD The Eminem Show and declaring it "genius."

The Who Fiddlers Green 2002 The Who Fiddlers Green 2002

That evening The Who play at Fiddler's Green in Englewood, Colorado followed by American Airlines Center in Dallas (21st), the House of Blues in Chicago with opening act Pearl Jam as a benefit for Maryville Academy (23rd), the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota (24th), the Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts in Mansfield, Massachusetts (27th) and the Air Canada Centre in Toronto (28th). Dates in St. Louis (22nd), Moline, Illinois (25th) and Cleveland (27th) are cancelled.

On the 23rd, CBS-TV premiers their first CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spin-off, CSI: Miami, this time using "Won't Get Fooled Again" as the theme. Star David Caruso's opening remark followed by Roger's scream will later become a popular meme on the Internet.

The Who special edition DVD EP The Who special edition DVD EP

Also on the 23rd, a "special edition" DVD-EP is released with "Pinball Wizard," "I'm Free" and "See Me, Feel Me" from The Who's August 1969 Beat Club special for German television.

The Whotles

On the 25th, the Toronto Star comes up with the suggestion that, since The Who are missing their original bassist and drummer and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr aren't doing much, why don't they combine into one band? Meet The Whotles!

September 1997 (20 years ago)

New music releases: "Candle in the Wind (1997)" - Elton John; My Way - Usher; Butterfly - Mariah Carey; Greatest Hits - Brooks & Dunn
Van-Pires Van-Pires

On the 13th, Van-pires, a cartoon/live-action show featuring a main theme and songs by The John Entwistle Band, premiers on the U.S. Fox network.

Pete Townshend Jimi Hendrix plaque unveiling Pete Townshend Jimi Hendrix plaque unveiling

On the 14th, Pete unveils a "blue plaque" commemorating Jimi Hendrix in London. Jeff Beck is also invited but doesn't attend.

During the month, Pete initiates meetings with future wife Rachel Fuller in order to hire her as an orchestrator, "or that was what I told myself."

On the 17th, John joins Mountain onstage at the Shepherd's Bush Empire to play "You Really Got Me" during the encore.

On the 23rd, Geoff Moore & The Distance release their gospel album Threads featuring a cover of "I'm Free."

September 1987 (30 years ago)

New album releases: A Momentary Lapse of Reason - Pink Floyd; Greatest Hits Volume II - George Strait; The Hunger - Michael Bolton; Super Hits - George Jones
Pete and Emma Townshend 1987 Pete and Emma Townshend 1987
Photo: Dave Hogan

On the 3rd, Pete and his daughter Emma attend the world premiere of the movie Hope and Glory in London. There they run into actress Theresa Russell and her husband director Nicholas Roeg. Pete's 1980 infatuation with Russell led to the collapse of the planned Lifehouse movie by Roeg. Theresa gives Pete a kiss as a consolation prize. On the 20th, Pete and Emma also attend that year's edition of the Secret Policeman's Ball.

Primal Scream releases their single "Imperial." The 12-inch version contains a cover of "So Sad About Us."

On the 21st, MTV airs the AIDS benefit concert featuring John from April 1st.

Pete Townshend Ted Hughes Pete Townshend Ted Hughes
Photo: Caroline Forbes

On the 24th, The Who fanzine The Relay reports that Faber & Faber employee Pete is working with one of the publisher's clients, poet Ted Hughes, on a musical adaptation of Hughes' children's book The Iron Man. They also report that Pete has put aside a planned solo album, a dance album made up of originals and covers.

September 1982 (35 years ago)

New records: Greatest Hits - Hank Williams, Jr.; Lionel Richie - Lionel Richie; The Nylon Curtain - Billy Joel; Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen

Roger Daltrey tells Rolling Stone that the upcoming Who tour will be the last one as The Who need to step aside for newer acts.

It's Hard LP It's Hard LP

On the 3rd, The Who's last studio album for the next 24 years, It's Hard, is released. The reviews are wildly uneven. Parke Puterbaugh in Rolling Stone calls it The Who's best work since Who's Next. Joining him in that assessment is Lloyd Sachs in Chicago magazine and John Milward in High Fidelity. On the other end of the scale is Lynden Barber in Melody Maker ("rock 'n roll menopause"), Kurt Loder in Musician ("pure blather") and Jon Pareles in The New York Times ("Adolescence mars The Who's new disk"). The album peaks at #11 in the U.K. and #8 in the U.S.

Athena Canadian picture sleeve Athena Canadian picture sleeve

On the 4th, the first single from the new album, "Athena" backed with "It's Your Turn", hits the U.S. charts. It reaches #28 in Billboard and #31 in Cash Box. It is the last Who single to hit the American Top Forty.

The Who 1982 Birmingham ad The Who 1982 Birmingham ad

On the 9th, Billboard reports that several arrests were made after a scuffle in line for Who tickets at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. 1500 waited overnight through a rainstorm for the box office to open at 10am.

Uniforms US 45 Uniforms US 45

On the 15th, Pete's second single from his solo album All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes is released in the U.S. "Uniforms (Corps d'Esprit)" backed with "Slit Skirts" does not make the charts.

Rolling Stone headline: "Who rake in millions on tour".

On the 19th, MTV airs a film made to promote Pete's All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes. It contains several videos shot at Pete's home and in his neighborhood.

The Who 1982 promo shoot The Who 1982 promo shoot
Photo: Philip Kamen

On the 21st, The Who hold a press conference in Landover, Maryland as they begin their North American tour. The next day The Who record performance videos to promote "Eminence Front" and "It's Hard," the latter used in a television ad for Schlitz Beer.

John Entwistle Landover 1982 John Entwistle Landover 1982
Photo: Philip Kamen

On the 22nd and 23rd, they play the Capital Center in Landover, Maryland with supporting act David Johansen. J.F.K. Stadium in Philadelphia is the next stop on the 25th (a previously announced show on the 24th is canceled due to lack of ticket sales). The supporting acts are Santana and The Clash.

The Who Rich Stadium 1982 The Who Rich Stadium 1982
Photo: Philip Kamen

Next is Rich Stadium in Orchard Park, New York on the 26th with David Johansen and The Clash, then the Pittsburgh Civic Arena on the 26th with David Johansen, Market Square Arena in Indianapolis on the 29th with David Johansen and the Pontiac Silverdome on the 30th with The Clash and Eddie Money.

Athena UK picture sleeve Athena UK picture sleeve

On the 25th, The Who's last single of new studio material released in Britain for the next 22 years hits store shelves. "Athena" backed with "A Man Is A Man," peaks at #40.

September 1977 (40 years ago)

New records: The Stranger - Billy Joel; Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II - Elton John; Simple Dreams - Linda Rondstadt; Aja - Steely Dan
Rough Mix LP Rough Mix LP

On the 5th, Pete's album made in conjunction with Ronnie Lane, Rough Mix, is released in the U.S. The U.K. release follows on the 16th. Dave Marsh in Rolling Stone calls it a successful blend of spiritual feelings and art. Positive reviews also come from Phil McNeill in New Musical Express, John Swenson in Circus, David Sargent in Vogue, Steve Simels in Stereo Review and Billy Altman in Creem who calls it one of the year's best albums. It reaches #44 in the U.K. charts and #45 in the U.S.

US Against the World ad US Against the World ad

On the 8th, US Against The World, featuring Roger and Keith among other celebrities, airs

On the 9th, The Fabulous Poodles self-titled LP, produced by John at his home studio, is released.

On the 12th, Keith ends his three year on-and-off residency in Los Angeles for good. After his arrival in London he tries to go cold turkey from alcohol and drugs to prepare for the upcoming Who recording, but it prompts another seizure and he has to be hospitalized for a few days. When he comes out his beard of the recent year has been shaved off.

Pete contacts Mick Jagger and gets his permission to use The Who's performance of "A Quick One While He's Away" from The Rolling Stones' Rock N' Roll Circus for The Kids Are Alright.

Melody Maker 17 Sep 1977 Melody Maker 17 Sep 1977

On the 17th, Pete and Ronnie Lane discuss their new album and their love of Meher Baba in Melody Maker. Pete also blasts the punk rock group The Stranglers who had been critical of The Who.

On the 19th, The Who reunite at Ramport Studios in London to begin rehearsals for the Who Are You album.

On the 26th, Pete and Ronnie Lane are interviewed on BBC2's The Old Grey Whistle Test to promote Rough Mix.

September 1972 (45 years ago)

New records: Rocky Mountain High - John Denver; "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" - The Temptations; Close To The Edge - Yes; Vol. 4 - Black Sabbath

On the 2nd, Billboard reports that a number of U.S. college radio stations have begun playing imported copies of "Let's See Action".

The Who Munich poster 1972 The Who Munich poster 1972

The Who continue their European tour stopping at the Stadthalle in Vienna on the 2nd and the Deutsches Museum in Munich on the 4th. Munich is later released on bootlegs under the titles Live In Munich and Who Is This? The Munich concert coincides with the Olympics and The Who are honored as "Star of the Week" by the Munich Abendzeitung who declare them "extraordinary performers in the cultural and political field." By horrible coincidence, within hours of the concert Palestinian terrorists seize the living quarters of the Israel Olympic team. Eleven of the athletes are later murdered by the terrorists.

From Munich, The Who travel to the Mehrzeckhalle in Zurich on the 5th. A previously announced show on the 8th at the Ahoy Halle in Rotterdam is canceled.

The Who Fete de l'Humanite 1972 The Who Fete de l'Humanite 1972
Photo: Michael Putland

On the 9th, The Who are the main performers at Fete de l'Humanité, an annual event sponsored by the chief newspaper of the French Communist Party. Four hundred thousand attend and the concert is filmed by Freddy Hausser. Pete takes Eric Clapton with him as part of his effort to get him off heroin and back in circulation. During The Who's set, Eric is mistaken for a fan and is escorted from the wings by one of the stage crew.

Also on the 9th, "Join Together" hits its U.S. peak at #17. Billboard also reports the single has reached #3 on the Radio Hong Kong charts and #10 in Switzerland.

The Who Rome review 1972 The Who Rome review 1972

The Fete is followed by the Sportpalace in Lyons on the 10th and the European tour ends at Palaeur in Rome on the 14th. The audience in Rome give the band a very tepid reaction after Pete smashes his guitar in violent reaction to the venue's poor PA system. The Who do not return to Italy until 2007.

William David Ormsby-Gore William David Ormsby-Gore

Pete meets with William David Ormsby-Gore, 5th Baron Harlech whose daughter is Eric Clapton's girlfriend and also a heroin user. Lord Harlech is organizing events commemorating England's entry into the Common Market and, as part of it, he and Pete set up a concert for Eric at the Rainbow Theatre in London. It is hoped that the pressure of preparing for a live show will force Eric to clean up.

Also during this month, recording of the vocal parts for the all-star London Symphony Orchestra version of Tommy begins.

Ramport Studios in 2010 Ramport Studios in 2010

On the 25th, The Who purchase an abandoned warehouse at 115 Thessaly Road in Battersea to turn into a recording studio and a storage shed for their thirty tons of touring equipment. It will eventually be named Ramport Studios.

Rolling Stone has a short interview with Pete about his forthcoming Who Came First LP and plans for the new Who album.

Who Came First Who Came First

On the 29th, Pete releases the album Who Came First as a solo album although it is primarily a compilation of demo tracks recorded over the past two years for The Who and previously released selections from the Meher Baba albums Happy Birthday and I Am. Most reviewers find it pleasant listening with Records and Recording magazine praising Pete for a religious album that is not insipid. The album reaches #30 in the U.K. In the U.S., Who Came First is not released until early November where it peaks at #69.

Ellis LP Ellis LP

Also on the 29th, The Ellis Group releases their album Riding On The Crest Of A Slump in the U.K. It is produced by Roger and fails to chart. The U.S. release, similarly fated in the charts, does not happen until Jan. 17th.

September 1967 (50 years ago)

New records: Strange Days - The Doors; Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie; "To Sir, With Love" - Lulu; "Soul Man" - Sam & Dave
Pschedelic, Noisy Music Pschedelic, Noisy Music

The Summer Of Love winds down as The Who continue their North American tour opening for Herman's Hermits, playing the Indiana Fairgrounds Coliseum in Indianapolis on the 1st, followed by the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus (2nd, 3rd and 4th). The early show on the 3rd is filmed by NBC-TV for a show called In Concert With Herman's Hermits. Unfortunately, The Who do not appear in the show.

On the 2nd, Billboard reports that Mayte Gaos of Mexico has recorded "Happy Jack" under the title "Jack el feliz".

As soon as their early show in Columbus is over on the 3rd, everyone hops on the plane to play an 8pm show at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, then back to Columbus for the next day's early show. Before one of these flights, The Blues Magoos' bass guitarist Ronnie Gilbert walks through what he thinks is an open glass door, severely injuring himself. The Blues Magoos drop out of the rest of the tour.

On the 5th, The Who get a short break before the end of the tour and head to Los Angeles, staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Their manager, Kit Lambert, spends his spare time tweaking "I Can See For Miles" and "Rael" at Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles.

Roger Daltrey Los Angeles Free Press 1967 Roger Daltrey Los Angeles Free Press 1967

On the 8th, Bill Kerby of the Los Angeles Free Press interviews Roger. Kerby says, "If I were an agent, I wouldn't book Jesus Christ doing a guest set with The Beatles to come on after The Who."

Who Steal the Show Who Steal the Show

The Hermits' tour reconvenes at the Convention Center in Anaheim, California on the 8th where The Sundowners and The Strawberry Alarm Clock appear before The Who. Both Pete and John smash their instruments at this show. The tour winds up with a last show in Hawaii at the Honolulu International Center Arena. While there Keith tries to surf for the first and last time. He manages to stand up for a few seconds before falling off and getting hit in the head by the flying board.

Melody Maker 9 Sep 1967 Melody Maker 9 Sep 1967

On the 9th, in Melody Maker, Chris Welch rates seven guitarists and declares Pete's influence on other British rock groups "imponderable."

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown's first single "Devil's Grip," is released in the U.K. on Track. It features an associate production credit for Pete.

On the 10th, The Who spend one last day at Gold Star Studios mixing "I Can See For Miles." A copy of the master is then quickly sent off to Decca Records.

The Who promotional photos 1967 The Who promotional photos 1967
Photo: Tom Wright

While in Los Angeles, Tom Wright takes The Who in their psychedelic regalia to Griffith Park to shoot a series of promotional photos.

The Who Smothers Brothers The Who Smothers Brothers

On the 15th, The Who tape their appearance on the U.S. variety show The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour at CBS Studios, Los Angeles. They mime to "I Can See For Miles" and a newly-recorded version of "My Generation" with a little scripted banter with host Tommy Smothers in between.

"My Generation" was to have concluded with an instrument smashing and the usual flashpots going off behind the amps but Keith bribes a stagehand into packing his bass drum with explosives. The explosion blows out the front of the drum kit directly into Pete's head, catching his hair on fire and permanently damaging his hearing. A cymbal knocked backward by the blast hits Keith in the arm, opening a gash. The entire melee airs on the 17th and later opens The Who's film The Kids Are Alright. This was The Who's only appearance on a major U.S. television variety show.

On their way back to England, The Who stop in Las Vegas. While there, Pete writes the song "Tattoo" as well as the unreleased tunes "Boats Are Coming In" and "Touring Inside U.S.", the latter featuring a quote of The Beach Boys' "Surfin' U.S.A."

On the 16th, Chris Stamp tells Disc magazine that Pete's new rock opera "Rael" will either be The Who's next single in Britain or will appear on the new album they plan to release in October.

On the 17th, The Who return to London after two months in North America. John borrows $100 to fly home first class. Two months of touring opening for The Herman's Hermits paid The Who $40,000. By the time they return home they have burned through all that and are now $5000 in debt.

Now that they are home, Chris Stamp invites Pete to the Track Records office where Chris has put together a preliminary track list for The Who's first LP on the new label. Pete says it needs more songs "and more time away from Keith Moon and Holiday Inns to write them."

I Can See For Miles US ad I Can See For Miles US ad

On the 18th, Decca releases "I Can See For Miles" backed with one of the August takes of "Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands." Decca gives the single a huge push, rushing the single to stores to capitalize on the Smothers Brothers appearance and sending 250,000 color portraits of the band to radio stations. It becomes the first Who single to be released in the U.S. prior to its British release and also the biggest hit single of their career in the U.S. reaching #9 in the Billboard charts and #8 in Cash Box as well as hitting #1 on many regional charts.

September 1962 (55 years ago)

New records: "He's a Rebel" - The Crystals; "Limbo Rock" - Chubby Checker; "All Alone Am I" - Brenda Lee; "Next Door to an Angel" - Neil Sedaka

On the 1st, The Detours open for the Ron Cavendish Orchestra at the Town Hall in Acton.

On the 5th, Keith's group Mark Twain and the Strangers audition for the BBC Light Programme. They are passed over for the Dave Clark Five.

Two band impact! Two band impact!

On the 6th, The Detours get a feature article in the Acton Gazette and Post, their first ever press mention, in a review of the Gala Ball of the 1st. The paper says the "Detours" jazz group provided "the gist of the twist."

John receives his discharge certificate from the Boys Brigade with good conduct.

Pete starts his second year of art school. It is during this year that Pete makes friends with fellow students Richard Barnes (who will name The Who) and Tom Wright, who will turn Pete onto grass as well as record after record of U.S. jazz, blues and R&B.

September 1952 (65 years ago)

New records: "It's In The Book" - Johnny Standley; "Lady of Spain" - Eddie Fisher; "Comes A-Long A-Love" - Kay Starr; "Takes Two to Tango" - Pearl Bailey
Young Pete Young Pete

Pete starts school at Berrymede Junior School in Osborne Road, South Acton.

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