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February 2011 (5 years ago)

New album releases: Never Say Never: The Remixes - Justin Bieber; Música + Alma + Sexo - Ricky Martin; Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars; Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex

On the 7th, Roger Daltrey presents a Musician of the Year award to Andy Cutting at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in London.

On the 10th, Roger is a guest on the ITV morning show Loose Women.

Roger Daltrey Brits 2011 Roger Daltrey Brits 2011
Photo: Jon Furniss

More presentation duties for Roger on the 15th as he presents the MasterCard Best British Album of the Year to Mumford and Sons at the 2011 BRIT Awards. He adds, "It's good to see the British music industry still has enough money for a good booze up."

On the 17th, Roger is interviewed on BBC Radio 2's The Steve Wright Show.

Roger Daltrey with the Foo Fighters Roger Daltrey with the Foo Fighters

Back to the awards show on the 23rd as Roger presents the "Godlike Genius" award to Dave Grohl at the NME Awards in London. Afterwards he joins the Grohl's band The Foo Fighters to sing "Young Man Blues".

February 2006 (10 years ago)

New album releases: In My Own Words - Ne-Yo; Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George - Jack Johnson and Friends; Precious Memories - Alan Jackson; Ghetto Classics - Jaheim

On the 4th, Pete Townshend posts one of the last chapters of his blog novella The Boy Who Heard Music. The climax takes place at a benefit concert for a New York rocked by terrorist attacks. Pete says in the comments section that he wrote this in 2000 and handed it in to his publishers a year before September 11. "The bombings I write about were meant to be London style bombings I imagined might one day come to NY. This was not prescience: after all terrorists had already tried - I think I was in NY when the car bombs went off underneath the building. After the bigger tragedy I thought about taking this part out of the story, but I included it without much modification."

Richard Thompson box set Richard Thompson box set

On the 7th, Richard Thompson releases his 5-CD boxset RT: The Life and Music of Richard Thompson containing a live medley of "My Generation", "I Can't Explain" and "Substitute".

On the 18th, Pete Townshend posts the last chapter of The Boy Who Heard Music.

Roger Daltrey and Joaquin Phoenix Roger Daltrey and Joaquin Phoenix

On the 20th, Roger performs at The House of Blues in Los Angeles as part of that year's Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. He plays "Real Good Looking Boy", a long Johnny Cash medley on acoustic guitar and "Summertime Blues" with Cheap Trick. Accompanying on one of the songs is Joaquin Phoenix. A special on that year's camp airs on The Learning Channel on the 22nd.

On the 22nd, The Who Show, a Who tribute band, meet actual Who Roger Daltrey who stops by to watch them rehearse for a performance of Quadrophenia.

On the 25th, Pete lists everyone who commented on The Boy Who Heard Music designating them "sitters", i.e., candidates for inclusion in The Method, a revival of ideas he first proposed during the Lifehouse project 35 years before.

Who Star Pete Bust My Nose

On the 26th, the Bristol Evening Post runs a story about Jean O'Brien, a mother who still carries a scar on her face after Pete popped a guitar string onstage at the Locarno Ballroom in July 1966. Brave lass she is as she has plans to see The Who again at their upcoming show in Bristol.

On the 28th, Pete moves into his home studio, Oceanic, to record the backing tracks for the new Who album Endless Wire. Pete plays everything himself for the most part. Pino Palladino (bass), John Bundrick (keyboards) and Peter Huntingdon (drums) are pulled in to give a Who-like rock band sound to some tracks.

February 2001 (15 years ago)

New album releases: La Historia - Ricky Martin; Everyday - The Dave Matthews Band; It Was All a Dream - Dream; The Professional 2 - DJ Clue?

On the 2nd, The British press reports that Roger has sold his trout farm to put up cash for the Keith Moon biopic.

My Generation Magazine My Generation Magazine

On the 8th, the American Association of Retired Persons publishes a new magazine called My Generation aimed at people 50 to 55. It lasts two years.

On the 9th, Pete attends the last night's performance of the stage version of The Graduate starring his friend Jerry Hall.

Mojo March 2001 Mojo March 2001

On the 16th, Pete publishes a letter he wrote to Mojo magazine in response to his mentioning that Kit Lambert, Brian Epstein and Robert Stigwood were gay in an article he had written the previous month about a 1967 meeting with John Lennon. In the letter he says that Who manager Kit Lambert never approached him sexually even when they were sharing a flat but that Robert Stigwood did. He also admits that, before his involvement with his future wife Karen Astley, he had doubts about his own sexual preferences.

On the 18th, Pete is placed at number 62 (tying with Van Morrison) on the Sunday Mirror's Top One Hundred Richest Entertainers in Britain. They report he has an estimated wealth of £2 million.

On the 19th, Pete writes a review of The Who Sell Out for Q magazine's website.

Who RAH DVD 2000 sampler Who RAH DVD 2000 sampler

On the 20th, John Entwistle accepts The Who's lifetime achievement Grammy at an un-televised ceremony the night before The Grammys broadcast. During the next night's show, The Who are represented by a video tribute. Attendees receive a four-track DVD preview of the upcoming Royal Albert Hall 2000 release.

On the 26th, The Who announce that they will not be participating in the planned tribute CD to Sun Records. They blame scheduling conflicts.

Hesher CD Hesher CD

On the 27th, rap artist Hesher releases his self-titled CD containing "Whose Generation," a rap version of "My Generation."

February 1996 (20 years ago)

New album releases: All Eyez on Me - 2Pac; The Score - The Fugees; Revelations - Wynonna Judd; Congratulations, I'm Sorry - Gin Blossoms

The John Entwistle Band continue their "Left For Dead" tour of the U.S. performing at Club Bene in South Amboy, New Jersey (1st), The Bayou in Washington D.C. (2nd), A.J. Gator's in Baltimore (3rd) and Synergy in Chicago (9th). Joni's Butterfly opens the shows and performs John's "Made In Japan."

On the 11th, BBC Radio One airs an hour long special called Lifehouse: The One That Got Away. Excerpts from Pete's original 1970 script are performed by actors and Pete, Chris Stamp and Andy Johns discuss the failure of the Lifehouse idea to get rolling. Pete expresses great bitterness about it and his frustration at trying to get across to the other members of The Who what seemed to him a very simple idea.

The first issue of the Who fanzine Naked Eye is published.

John Entwistle Tulsa 1996 ad John Entwistle Tulsa 1996 ad

More John Entwistle band dates for the second half of the month: The Metropole in Pittsburgh (16th), Toy Tiger in Louisville, Kentucky (17th), The Cotton Club in Atlanta (21st), Rockefeller's in Houston (21st), Sneakers in San Antonio, Texas (22nd), Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma (24th), The Congress Club in Phoenix, Arizona (28th) and the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego, California (29th).

Pete Townshend Paris catwalk Pete Townshend Paris catwalk

On the 20th, Pete does his little turn on the catwalk in Paris after having been invited to represent "the mature model" during a show by Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçon fashion house. "The fashion crowd was just about the worst audience I had ever performed for in my life. I had never experienced the cold, sneering imperiousness of people with such absurdly high self regard."

On the 24th, Pete presents the Gong for Best Group to Oasis at the Brit Awards.

Tommy Keene Ten Years After Tommy Keene Ten Years After

On the 27th, Tommy Keene releases his album Ten Years After featuring a cover of "It's Not True".

On the 29th, Pete's 1980 solo album Empty Glass is certified platinum by the RIAA.

February 1991 (25 years ago)

New album releases: Cooleyhighharmony - Boyz II Men; Coolin' at the Playground Ya Know! - Another Bad Creation; The Doors/Original Soundtrack - The Doors; Marc Cohn - Marc Cohn

On the 10th, Roger is one of the presenters at the Brit Awards at the Dominion Theatre in London.

On the 15th, Roger guest stars in an episode of the NBC-TV (U.S.) series Midnight Caller entitled "Can't Say N-N-N-No" playing a rocker with a drug problem.

During the month, Roger is a guest on Tonight with Jonathan Ross.

Pete, meanwhile, is stocking up at the computer store. "By February, I had access to a whole set of Apple computers for music, graphics, animation and word-processing."

C+C Music Factory release their single "Here We Go." The Who are mentioned in the lyrics.

Susanna Hoff CD Susanna Hoff CD

On the 16th, Susanna Hoffs' CD When You're A Boy hits the U.S. charts. It features a cover of David Bowie's "Boys Keep Swinging" with John on bass.

Roger Daltrey and Mother 1991 Roger Daltrey and Mother 1991
Photo: Tom Wargacki

On the 28th, Roger attends the premiere of Buddy's Song in London. The movie starring and co-produced by Roger, is based on the Nigel Hinton novel Buddy and a 1986 TV adaptation that also starred Roger. In the movie, Roger plays a middle-aged Rocker (as opposed to Mod) raising a teenage son who wants to enter the music business. The actor playing the son, Chesney Hawkes, releases a single from the movie, "The One And Only," that goes to #1 in the U.K. charts.

February 1986 (30 years ago)

New record releases: Control - Janet Jackson; The Ultimate Sin - Ozzy Osbourne; Pretty In Pink/Original Soundtrack - Various Artists; Lives in the Balance - Jackson Browne
Give Blood German picture sleeve Give Blood German picture sleeve

On the 1st, the second single from Pete's solo album White City, "Give Blood"/"Magic Bus (live)" is released. The 12" version also has "Won't Get Fooled Again (live)." The single fails to chart.

On the 4th, Roger appears on an MTV special about the making of the film Quicksilver Lightning.

On the 5th, 6th and 7th, an interview with Pete conducted by Lisa Robinson airs on Radio 1990.

Rolling Stone reports that Roger has started on another solo album and that in 1987 he and Pete will collaborate on a non-Who album. Pete later says that giving him the song "After The Fire" satisfied the need for them to work together.

Pete Townshend 1986 Colombian Volcano concert Pete Townshend 1986 Colombian Volcano concert
Photo: Matt Kent

On the 9th, Pete performs at a charity show with his band Deep End at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Deep End's bassist, Chucho Merchan, puts the show together for the benefit of the victims of a volcano in his home country of Colombia. During the show, Pete performs a synthesizer duet with his daughter Emma. Other performers are Chrissie Hynde-Kerr, Working Week and The Communards. The show is broadcast the next year on King Biscuit Flower Hour and Pete's performance of "I'm One" is also released on the video Super Rock Vol. 1 - The Colombian Volcano Appeal Concert.

On the 10th, Roger presents Tears for Fears with the award for Best Single at the BRIT Awards in London.

On the 15th, Pete's LP White City - A Novel reaches its U.S. chart peak at #26 in Billboard, repeating the position the next week.

On the 23rd, Pete plays with The Rolling Stones at a private party at the 100 Club in London. The party is held to commemorate the death of The Stones' keyboardist Ian Stewart. Together they play "Barefootin'" and "Harlem Shuffle." (Another source says "Harlem Shuffle" and "Little Red Rooster").

On the 26th, Roger appears on the British TV show Saturday Night lip-syncing to "Under A Raging Moon". Around the same time he is on the British show No. 79 lip-syncing to another of his solo songs, "Don't Talk To Strangers."

February 1981 (35 years ago)

New album releases: Face Value - Phil Collins; Moving Pictures - Rush; Feels So Right - Alabama; Captured - Journey
Pete Townshend Rainbox 1981 Pete Townshend Rainbox 1981
Photo: Ross Halfin

Starting on the 3rd, The Who play two nights at the Rainbow Theatre in London. The two hastily scheduled shows are a benefit for Erin Pizzey's Chiswick Family Rescue Organization and were requested by Pete's wife Karen. At the first show, Pete drinks four bottles of brandy on stage, improvises songs and long guitar solos without informing the other band members and stops the show to harangue the crowd.

John Entwistle 1981 UK tour John Entwistle 1981 UK tour
Photo: Ross Halfin

Amazingly the U.K. tour continues after this with Pete better behaved but often noticeably drunk on stage. The next show is at the Brighton Centre (7th) followed by two nights at the Lewisham Odeon (8th and 9th), two nights at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow (14th and 15th), two nights at the Playhouse Theatre in Edinburgh (19th and 20th), two nights at the City Hall in Newcastle (24th and 25th) and the Deeside Leisure Centre near Queensferry (28th).

Backstage, the night of the 8th, Pete is visited by Ringo Starr's son and daughter Zak and Lee Starkey. Zak is quite inebriated and Pete "in spite of my own excesses" gives Zak a scolding.

You Better You Bet picture sleeve You Better You Bet picture sleeve

On the 27th, the first Who single recorded after Keith Moon's death, "You Better You Bet," is released in the U.K. The b-side is John's song "The Quiet One." It reaches #9 on the charts.

February 1976 (40 years ago)

New album releases: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 - The Eagles; The Sound In Your Mind - Willie Nelson; Come On Over - Olivia Newton-John; A Trick of the Tail - Genesis

Hearing that Keith cannot control his ingestion of drugs and alcohol, The Who call him back to London ahead of the upcoming tour and demand that he see Meg Patterson, the acupuncturist who aided Eric Clapton in his addiction. Keith tells her and her husband that he is possessed by demons named Mr. and Mrs. Singh.

On the 21st, New Musical Express reports that The Who are to film a special for London Weekend Television. Nothing comes of it.

With Love LP

On the 25th, With Love, the third and last of the Pete-compiled Meher Baba devotional albums is released by the Universal Spiritual League. Pete supplies three of the songs, "His Hands," "Sleeping Dog" and "Lantern Cabin," sings lead on "Meher," and Billy Nicholls premiers his song "Without Your Love" that will become Roger's biggest U.S. solo hit four years later.

The Who Munich 1976 poster The Who Munich 1976 poster

The Who start their 1976 European tour at the Hallenstadion in Zurich (27th) followed by the Olympiahalle in Munich (28th). At these shows "Slip Kid" is introduced into the live act. The Steve Gibbons Band again plays support.

On the 28th, "Squeeze Box" hits its U.K. chart peak at #10.

February 1971 (45 years ago)

New album releases: Tapestry - Carole King; Love Story - Andy Williams; Stoney End - Barbra Streisand; The Yes Album - Yes
Keith Moon 200 Motels set Keith Moon 200 Motels set

On the 1st, the videotaping of Frank Zappa's bizarre movie 200 Motels begins at Studio A at Pinewood Studios, concluding on the 7th. Keith plays a randy nun/groupie cavorting with other groupies before dying and ascending to heaven. Backstage, Keith meets and begins an affair with fellow actor and groupie Pamela Miller a/k/a Pamela Des Barres who will later write about their relationship in her book I'm With The Band: Confessions Of A Groupie.

On the 7th, Nik Cohn pens an article on the Lifehouse experiment for The New York Times: "The Who, from Tommy to Bobby".

On the 8th, The Who are billed as session guests on BBC Radio One's The Johnnie Walker Show.

Melody Maker 13 Feb 1971 Melody Maker 13 Feb 1971

On the 13th, the seventh "The Pete Townshend Page" called "Change - by taking people up" is published in Melody Maker. In it he discusses the purpose and plot of the Lifehouse film: "The Young Vic becomes the 'Life House', the Who become musicians and the audience become part of a fantasy. We have invented the fantasy in our minds, the ideal, and now we want to make it happen for real. We want to hear the music we have dreamed about, see the harmony we have experienced temporarily in Rock, become permanent, and feel the things we are doing CHANGE the face of Rock and then maybe even people."

Record Mirror 13 Feb 1971 Record Mirror 13 Feb 1971

Also on the 13th, Pete and John are interviewed by Keith Altham in Record Mirror. Pete says he is currently working on personal material "that the Who just don't like" and speaks out against drug use. John says he is shortly releasing a solo LP called "What Are We Doing Here?" that will include a cover of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl."

The Who at the Young Vic The Who at the Young Vic

Finally on the 14th, the first real session of Lifehouse begins at The Young Vic Theatre on London's South Bank. A special audience of 200 are invited to attend. Filming is scheduled but probably never occurred. However, the session is recorded, along with the other Lifehouse sessions, by Glyn Johns' brother Andy. The tape is not for release but for purposes of later review. Another session is held the next day.

Liberace Love And Music Festival LP Liberace Love And Music Festival LP

Liberace releases his album Love & Music Festival - Live featuring a cover of "Overture From Tommy."

On the 20th, Keith is the guest MC at the "Viv Stanshall, Neil Innes and Freaks" show at the Roundhouse.

On the 22nd, The Who are booked to appear at the Young Vic Theatre but fail to show up for some unspecified reason. Thunderclap Newman performs as a substitute with Keith on maracas and young Who fan Jeff Stein on tambourine.

February 1966 (50 years ago)

New records: "Nowhere Man" - The Beatles; "(You're My) Soul and Inspiration" - The Righteous Brothers; "19th Nervous Breakdown" - The Rolling Stones; "Shapes of Things" - The Yardbirds
My Generation German picture sleeve

On the 1st, "My Generation" reaches its peak on the West German charts at #6. That night The Who play the Britannia Rowing Club in Nottingham.

On the 3rd, Pete sees 15-year old Stevie Wonder perform at the Scotch of St. James' Club in London. In 2002 Pete tells Q magazine that this was the best concert he ever attended. Afterwards he takes people home in his Lincoln Continental MkII and slides on Hyde Park Corner knocking a wheel off.

The Who Feb package tour article The Who Feb package tour article

On the 4th, The Who begin their first headlining "theatre" tour in a three day test run starting at the Astoria Cinema in Finsbury Park with support Screamin' Lord Sutch & the Savages, the Merseys, the Fortunes and the Graham Bond Organization. The other two nights are the Odeon Cinema in Southend-on-Sea (5th) and the Empire Theatre in Liverpool (6th).

On the 11th, Norrie Drummond reviews the Southend-on-Sea show in New Musical Express. She says Roger moved well but the guitarists (Pete and John) need to improve their stage performance.

On the 11th, The Who go back to a regular performance at the Wimbledon Palais.

On the 12th, Melody Maker reports that "Circles" is not working out as the next Who single. Little does anyone outside The Who and their immediate circle know exactly how much it isn't working out. In fact, on this day, The Who sneak into Olympic Sound Studios on Carton Street and record their new single "Substitute" and a new version of "Circles." Pete takes the job of producer from Shel Talmy with Terry Brown as engineer. John turns the single into one of his most prominent performances by turning up his amps when no one is looking. Keith later calls Pete when he hears the single demanding to know who they got to drum on it. He has no memory of being at the session despite his noisy yell on the record.

Also on the 12th, "My Generation" reaches it peak on the U.S. Billboard charts at #74.

Then it's back to the crowds playing the Community Centre in Southall (13th), the Valentine's Day Panto Ball at the University of Liverpool (14th), the Esquire Club in Sheffield (15th) and Club A Go-Go in Newcastle (17th).

Pete and Roger are interviewed by a local reporter at the Southall gig. Asked about The Who's student audiences, Pete replies, "They're just a lot of 'dead faces.' Students don't know much about life anyway."

Melody Maker 12 Feb 1966 Melody Maker 12 Feb 1966

On the 18th, the news breaks in Melody Maker that The Who are leaving Brunswick and U.S. Decca for the new Reaction label in Europe and Atco in the U.S. Former producer Shel Talmy threatens the group with payback that he soon delivers, launching a lawsuit against the band and its managers.

Substitute advancer ad Substitute advancer ad

"Substitute" was to have been released on the 18th but is stopped because of the lawsuit. That night The Who are safely across the border in Scotland, performing at the Volunteer Hall in Galashiels.

Photo: Colin Jones

The 19th finds The Who at the Memorial Hall in Norwich followed by the Oasis Club in Manchester (20th). Immediately after this show, Colin Jones photographs the band for their appearance on the cover of next month's Sunday Observer magazine. The next day they play the Beachcomber Club in Preston.

On the 22nd, the band goes into rehearsals at the White Hart in Acton and are reported to have tried to record some instrumentals for a never-to-be-released French EP. Recording instrumentals may have been forced on them because Roger had come down with laryngitis. The Who perform without him on the 24th at the Victoria Ballroom in Chesterfield. Pete and John share the vocals. Beforehand, John and Keith sit in with the opening act The Fruit Eating Bears.

The Who ad 26 Feb 1966 The Who ad 26 Feb 1966

Roger remains out for the rest of the month as the trio plays the Majestic Ballroom in Wellington (25th), the Starlight Ballroom in Boston, Lincolnshire (26th) and the Eltham Baths in Eltham Hill (28th).

February 1956 (60 years ago)

New records: "Heartbreak Hotel" - Elvis Presley; "The Poor People of Paris" - Les Baxter, His Chorus and Orchestra; "Blue Suede Shoes" - Carl Perkins
Please Please Please 45 label Please Please Please 45 label

James Brown releases his first single "Please Please Please." It reaches #5 on the U.S. R&B charts and is later covered by The Who on their My Generation LP.

February 1951 (65 years ago)

New records: "Mockin' Bird Hill" - Les Paul & Mary Ford; "Mockin' Bird Hill" - Patti Page; "You're Just In Love" - Rosemary Clooney & Guy Mitchell
Eyesight To The Blind 78 label Eyesight To The Blind 78 label

Sonny Boy Williamson releases his first recording of his song "Eyesight To The Blind" on 78rpm. The Who will cover it eighteen years later for their album Tommy.

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