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April 2010 (5 years ago)

New album releases: Glee: The Music, The Power of Madonna; B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray - B.o.B.; The Defamation of Strickland Banks - Plan B; Iron Man 2 - AC/DC

On the 9th, the CBS-TV series Two and a Half Man airs an episode entitled "Keith Moon is Vomiting in His Grave".

On the 10th, Roger Daltrey performs at Jeremy Clarkson's 50th birthday bash. Legendary producer Trevor Horn puts together a special band for the night and Squeeze also perform. The event is packed with celebs including model Jodie Kidd, socialite Jemima Khan, singer Bryan Ferry and comedians Jimmy Carr, Harry Enfield, Dom Joly and Paul Whitehouse.

10-04-15 Roger Desmond Job Centre 10-04-15 Roger Desmond Job Centre

On the 14th, Roger helps launch a job centre for people with learning disabilities in Stanmore, Middlesex. Also attending are publisher Richard Desmond, the Duchess of York, and Elizabeth Hurley.

Keith Moon Final 24 DVDKeith Moon Final 24 DVD

On the 20th, the TV episode Keith Moon: Final 24 is released on DVD.

10-04-24 Imagine A Cure 10-04-24 Imagine A Cure

On the 24th, Roger performs at the What: Imagine A Cure II concert st the Snoqualmie Casino in Washington. Joining Roger to raise money for Susan G. Komen For The Cure are Alan White and Simon Kirke.

On the 27th, the website Wolfgang's Vault releases the audio from The Who's 1970 Tanglewood concert in an online streaming format.

April 2005 (10 years ago)

New album releases: The Emancipation of Mimi - Mariah Carey; ...Something To Be - Rob Thomas; Devils & Dust - Bruce Springsteen; Counting Down the Days - Natalie Imbruglia
05-04-21 John Auction 05-04-21 John Auction

On the 2nd, John Entwistle's family announces that they will be auctioning off the entire contents of his £3 million mansion. The auction on the 21st nets £123,000 with a model of Henry VIII's armour raising £900, a leather art sculpture of a male torso £2,200, a snakeskin tambourine £160 and a microphone presented to The Who at an awards poll in 1975 £480.

This month's HSBC Stars on Ice tour ends with the skaters performing to a medley of Who songs.

05-04-07 Tommy Exhibit05-04-07 Tommy Exhibit

On the 7th, an exhibit called "Tommy: The Amazing Journey" opens at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Pete supplies materials.

On the 17th, Pete suggests in a webdiary that Roger will work with Pete's brother Simon to complete songs Pete has recorded in demo form.

Roger reports at the end of the month to the set of the movie Johnny Was where he plays a gangster.

April 2000 (15 years ago)

New album releases: The Heat - Toni Braxton; Return of Saturn - No Doubt; My Name Is Joe - Joe; Yeeeah Baby - Big Pun
Roger Dark Prince

On the 3rd, Roger is on the set of the TV movie Passions of Dracula: A True Story in Bucharest, Romania. He plays King Janos of Hungary. The movie is later retitled Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula.

00-04-10 NY Press Conf00-04-10 NY Press Conf
Photo: Peter Morgan

A week later on the 10th, Pete, Roger and John hold a press conference at The Supper Club in New York City to announce their summer North American tour and the internet release of a live album from their 1999 shows.

Blues To The Bush Ad Blues To The Bush Ad

That album, The Blues To The Bush, is sent out mostly as individually burned CD-R's by with the track listing decided by the customer. MP3 downloads are also available. In addition a four-track promo CD is sent to U.S. radio stations.

That evening, Roger appears on Comedy Central's The Daily Show.

Also on the 10th, Variety reports that the Keith Moon bio-pic, now provisionally known as "Who's Next", will be directed by Brad Siberling. The next day Nicholas Cage tells that he is "insisting" that he be allowed to play Pete. On the 20th, also reports that executive producer Bill Gerber wants either Dougray Scott or Jared Leto to play Moon.

Whos Next DVDWhos Next DVD

On the 11th, the ITV Classic Rock programme on Who's Next is released on DVD.

Kids Are Alright 2000 DVD Kids Are Alright 2000 DVD

A pre-restoration version of The Kids Are Alright is released on DVD in Europe by BMG Entertainment. The Who will choose to keep it from the U.S. market.

Sharpshooters Im The FaceSharpshooters Im The Face

Several interesting covers are released during the month. The band Chaotic Past put out a single with a cover of John's "My Size". On the 24th, Torque Records releases a single called "Maximum R&B." The A-side is the Sharpshooters covering "I'm The Face" while on the B-side Lickety Split covers "Leaving Here".

On the 19th, Pete releases remastered versions of Scoop and Another Scoop with redone artwork on his website. There is also a limited edition art print (500 copies), signed by Pete.

On the 21st, Sonic News reports that Roger says The Who will attempt to record a live album of new material, perhaps during the upcoming tours. This does not occur.

And on the 25th, the episode "Where The Wild Things Are" of the cult TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer airs. In one scene actor Anthony Stewart Head who plays Giles is seen in a coffee bar singing "Behind Blue Eyes".

On the 26th, Pete's VH1 Storytellers episode premiers on VH1 U.S. The U.K. broadcast follows on the 28th.

April 1995 (20 years ago)

New album releases: The Lion King Original Soundtrack - Elton John and Hans Zimmer; Friday Original Soundtrack; Picture This - Wet Wet Wet; This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan

On the 4th, a press release announces that John will be the bass guitarist on that summer's tour of Ringo Starr's Third All-Starr Band.

Ikurin turbiini Ikurin turbiini

On the 10th, the Finnish artist Pate Mustajärvi releases his album Ikurin turbiini featuring a song called "Minä olen Pauli" which is actually "Boris The Spider".

95-04-28 Tommy Germ Ad95-04-28 Tommy Germ Ad

On the 28th, Pete travels to Offenbach, Germany for the opening of The Who's Tommy - Das Musical. In an interview there he says he will concentrate on writing for the theatre from this point on.

April 1990 (25 years ago)

New album releases: Behind The Mask - Fleetwood Mac; Days of Open Hand - Suzanne Vega; Johnny Gill - Johnny Gill; Born To Sing - En Vogue

On the 1st, Pete writes a letter to Who manager Bill Curbishley stating: "I want to take this opportunity to say that I will remember 1989 as one of the happiest of my life and career. There are lots of factors, but the most important element was the friendship I felt enhanced every aspect of the tour: front of the stage, in the band, in the management team, in the crew, and in the audiences...Good luck in 1990."

April 1985 (30 years ago)

New record releases: Around the World in a Day - Prince and The Revolution; Be Yourself Tonight - Eurythmics; Mr. Bad Guy - Freddie Mercury; Nervous Night - The Hooters
85-04-07 Mail On Sunday85-04-07 Mail On Sunday

On the 7th, You magazine in The Mail on Sunday reports that Pete is currently writing "a book about working in sheds."

85-04-14 Pete Siouxie 85-04-14 Pete Siouxie
Photo: Dave Hogan

In addition, Pete continues with his anti-heroin campaign. On the 14th, he urges Margaret Thatcher's government to invest in anti-heroin drug treatment centres in a letter to The Mail on Sunday and that night holds the first concert organized by the Anti-Heroin campaign at St. James Church in London. Siouxsie and the Banshees perform and at the end Siouxsie presents Pete with a check for £5000. Afterwards they celebrate at the Embassy Club.

Meanwhile, Roger gets in trouble with the local constabulary when he opens his trout farm four days early to protest restrictions placed on the fishing season. Local officials decide not to prosecute but forbid anyone from fishing at Roger's farm.

85-04-25 Secret Talk Of A Reunion85-04-25 Secret Talk Of A Reunion

On the 29th, The Mirror reports that The Who are considering reuniting for a one-off show for Ethiopian relief due to the urgings of Bob Geldof. Pete: "Yes, I have talked to the others about it...At the moment we are all vacillating wildly."

April 1980 (35 years ago)

New album releases: Sky2 - Sky; Just One Night - Eric Clapton; British Steel - Judas Priest; Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
80-04-01 Poster 80-04-01 Poster

The Who's 1980 European Tour ends on the 1st at the Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany.

On the 10th, Pete lands in New York City to do promotion for his solo album Empty Glass.

Joan Jett Call Me LightningJoan Jett Call Me Lightning

Joan Jett releases her first solo single "Make Believe". As repayment to The Who for allowing the use of their Ramport Studios to record part of her first album, she covers "Call Me Lightning" on the single's B-side.

Empty Glass US LP Empty Glass US LP

On the 14th, Pete's first totally solo album, Empty Glass, is released in the U.K. The U.S. release follows on the 21st. Reviews are raves with Sounds magazine giving the album its highest rating and Paul Morley in New Musical Express saying the album shows Pete is still an important musician. The album peaks at #11 in the U.K., the highest chart position for a Pete solo record in that country. In the U.S. it shoots all the way to #5.

80-04-14 Roger Vancouver80-04-14 Roger Vancouver
Photo: Harry Benson

On the same day, The Who begin their 1980 North American Tour at the PNE Coliseum in Vancouver. Internally there is some dissension in The Who not only over touring with Pete in shaky condition but also that the tour appears to promotes Pete's solo album instead of The Who's own work. The tour heads on to the Seattle Center Coliseum on the 14th and 15th.

Pete Bloody Hand Pete Bloody Hand
Photo: Annie Liebovitz

On the 17th, Pete is in San Francisco at the offices of Rolling Stone magazine being interviewed by Greil Marcus and photographed for the cover by Annie Liebovitz. While executing a windmill for the camera, Pete slices his hand open. Annie takes a photo of Pete with his head on his bloodied hand.

80-04-19 NME Pete Cover80-04-19 NME Pete Cover

Meanwhile on the 19th back in the U.K., New Musical Express prints a new interview with Pete in which he discusses the possibility of a Lifehouse script to be written by Ray Bradbury.

80-04 Oakland 80-04 Oakland
Photo: Michael Zagaris

The tour continues with three nights at the Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California (18th, 19th, 20th), the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah (22nd), two nights in Denver at the McNichols Arena (23rd, 24th), the Kemper Arena in Kansas City (26th), the Checkerdome in St. Louis, Missouri (28th) and the Hilton Coliseum in Ames, Iowa (29th).

April 1975 (40 years ago)

New album releases: The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - Rick Wakeman; Straight Shooter - Bad Company; Stampede - The Doobie Brothers; Toys in the Attic - Aerosmith

On the 6th, John's interview on Alison Steele's U.S. Army Reserve radio show Nightbird & Company is aired.

On the 7th, Pete demos "Girl in a Suitcase" which is rejected for the next Who album. The demo later surfaces on Pete's 1987 LP Another Scoop. Other demos recorded around this time which don't make it to the new Who album are "To Barney Kessell" and "Brrr", later released on Pete's 1985 album Scoop, "Ordinary Fella", "Fight Until You're Mine", and an unnamed 12-bar boogie track.

Solid Gold Promo Solid Gold Promo

On the 9th, a single is released from Keith Moon's solo album. "Solid Gold" backed with the John Lennon-penned "Move Over Ms. L," hits the racks in North America. It fails to chart.

On the 11th, Keith's marriage to Kim Moon officially comes to an end at the London Divorce Court in The Strand. She is granted a decree nisi based on Keith's unreasonable behavior. Keith offers no defense. Kim by this time is living with Faces pianist Ian McLagen. Keith's payoff for the divorce: £40,000.

75-04-12 MM Pete75-04-12 MM Pete

On the 12th, Pete, in an interview in Melody Maker, talks about his current feelings about the Tommy movie. He finds it "entertaining. I don't like the first few minutes of it. I felt that was all a bit obligatory, that front part; it's almost like padding. There's a sense of relief for me when the plane crashes and she faints and all that, and suddenly we're in the holiday camp." He also has mixed feelings about the soundtrack album. "I'm not very happy with it. Everybody but me seems to like it...I rather like 'Amazing Journey', the sound of it."

Recording for The Who's next studio album was to have begun on the 18th at Shepperton Sound Studios in London but they are held up as Keith has yet to arrive from Los Angeles and Roger is still working on the movie Lisztomania. To get things started, John borrows his solo band's drummer Graham Deakin and he and Pete begin rehearsing on the 21st.

75-04-29 Keith Annette Airport 75-04-29 Keith Annette Airport

On the 29th, Keith and his steady girlfriend Annette fly in from Los Angeles. The next day he joins Pete and John only to discover that, with almost two years off since he was last behind the drums in a studio, he has forgotten how to play! Nevertheless, Pete, John, Keith and guest pianist Nicky Hopkins manage to lay down the track "She Loves Everyone" that will later be retitled "They Are All in Love." Roger will supply his vocals later as he is still on the set of Lisztomania.

April 1970 (45 years ago)

New album releases: McCartney - McCartney; Benefit - Jethro Tull; Elton John - Elton John; Bitches Brew - Miles Davis
70-04-11 Seeker US 45 70-04-11 Seeker US 45

On the 11th, "The Seeker" backed with "Here for More" appears on the U.S. charts. It ultimately reaches #44 in Billboard and #30 in Cash Box. The new Who single receives a lukewarm review from John Mendelsohn in Rolling Stone.

Sutch MoonSutch Moon

On the 12th, Keith drums as a special guest for a Screaming Lord Sutch gig at the Country Club in Hampstead. Keith is accompanied by the screaming Lord's longtime drummer, Carlo Little, who was also the mentor who first schooled Keith on drums. Teacher and student pound along to "Jenny Jenny" and "Good Golly Miss Molly." The event is recorded and released in 1972.

70-04-11 Who On BBC 70-04-11 Who On BBC

On the 13th, The Who go into IBC Studios, London to record new studio versions of their stage act for later broadcast on the BBC. Paul Williams is the producer. The tracks are "Heaven and Hell", "Substitute", "Pinball Wizard," "Shakin' All Over/Spoonful," "I'm Free" and "The Seeker". It is the last time The Who record tracks specifically for airing on the BBC. Radio fans first hear them on BBC1's Dave Lee Travis Show of the 19th. "Heaven and Hell" later serves as the basis for the track on the b-side of "Summertime Blues" and four of them are officially released in 2000 on BBC Sessions.

70-04 Pete for RS70-04 Pete for RS
Photo: David Greenberg

Rolling Stone prints a lengthy interview with Pete conducted by Jonathan Cott. Pete discusses everything from the death of Brian Jones and his writing of the never-released song "A Normal Day for Brian" to his hatred of Woodstock. One of the things he mentions is his desire to make a movie with The Who, "a film which is the equivalent of a rock song, only lasting an hour or longer." This is the first public mention of what will eventually become the Lifehouse project.

On the 18th, another interview with Pete appears in New Musical Express. That same day The Who perform at Leicester University with supporting act Viv Stanshall's Big Grunt. The show is cut short after Hell's Angels start attacking members of the audience. This lingering taste of Altamont ends when one of the Angels hits Pete in the head with a bottle of Newcastle Brown and he leaves the stage bleeding. Eight stitches put him right.

On the 25th is yet another interview with Pete, this time conducted by Penny Valentine in Disc and Music Echo. He says Tommy has provided The Who with fans "...I'd be pleased to lose again, especially the American psuedo-intellectuals who kept reading things into it." That night The Who play an intimate gig for 800 at Nottingham University. Two days later they perform at the Civic Hall in Dunstable with support from Writing on the Wall & Turner.

April 1965 (50 years ago)

New records: "Ticket To Ride" - The Beatles; "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" - Herman's Hermits; "Back in My Arms Again" - The Supremes; "I Can't Help Myself" - Four Tops

On the 1st The Who make yet another appearance on Top of the Pops, again playing "I Can't Explain," then race to Wembley to play a charity event at the Town Hall. They share the bill with Donovan and Rod Stewart and The Soul Agents. Rod the Mod makes moves on Keith's new girlfriend Kim Kerrigan. Fears that she might be stolen away lead Keith to propose in a letter. She accepts.

On the 2nd, The Who have their first session on BBC radio appearing on The Joe Loss Pop Show giving a live performance at the Playhouse Theatre in Northumberland Avenue. Their set that morning is "Heatwave," "I Can't Explain," "Please Please Please" and "Shout and Shimmy". Unfortunately, the tape of this broadcast has been lost (check your closets, Brits, for that old home recording!). Later that evening they appear in Loughton at the Youth Centre.

65-04-03 Record Mirror Article 65-04-03 Record Mirror Article

On the 3rd, in the U.S., "I Can't Explain" reaches its top position in the Billboard charts at #93. Back in the U.K., The Who are featured in an article in Record Mirror: "The group that slaughters their amplifiers..."

That night they probably do exactly that at the London College of Printing, Elephant & Castle in London. From there they head on to The Plaza Ballroom in Newbury (4th), The Lakeside R&B Scene in Hendon with support The Sidekicks (5th), The Marquee Club, London (6th), Dacorum College in Hemel Hempstead (7th), and The Olympia Ballroom in Reading (8th).

On the 8th, at the performance in Reading, Who manager Kit Lambert brings journalists Virginia Ironside from The Daily Mail and future New York Times writer Nik Cohn to witness his boys in action. Unfortunately, Kit spends so much time shmoozing the two at the bar, they miss The Who destroying their instruments. Kit runs up at the end of the set and says to Pete, "Smash another one! I'll pay for it!"

65-04-11 ad65-04-11 ad

More instruments go under as The Who play Stamford Hall in Altrincham (9th), The Cavern in Leicester Square (10th), the Majestic Ballroom in Luton (11th), and The Marquee Club (13th).

As if all this live work weren't enough, The Who also manage to record a new single and practically an album's worth of material on the 12th through the 14th at IBC Studios. According to Roger, he and Pete are locked into a room at 3am the night before the first session and not allowed out until a single is written. The result is their one credited co-composition, "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere". Pete later says it is based on his feelings about the performance style of jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker.

Also recorded over the next two days are the b-side, a cover of Otis Blackwell's "Daddy Rolling Stone," three James Brown covers, "Please Please Please," "I Don't Mind," and "Shout and Shimmy," two Martha and the Vandellas covers, "Heatwave" and "Motorin'"(as "Motorvatin'")," plus covers of Garnet Mimms' "Anytime You Need Me" (as "Anytime You Want Me") and Paul Revere and The Raiders' "Louie Go Home" (as "Lubie Come Back Home") plus one Townshend original "You're Gonna Know Me" later retitled "Out In The Street."

Nicky Hopkins Early 60s Nicky Hopkins Early 60s
Photo: Pete Dyer

Accompanying The Who during this recording is Nicky Hopkins on piano, taking his first job as a session man after a long hospital stay led to his early retirement from the stage. Hopkins will go on to become the U.K.'s most famous session performer appearing on recordings by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and many, many others.

Kit Lambert tells the press a few days later that pressure from U.S. Decca for a Who album was the reason for the recording of all the non-single tracks.

With Pete beginning to gather a portfolio of songs, his songwriting royalties are established. During this month, Fabulous Music, Ltd. is formed. The agreement gives Pete one-third of the shares, Essex Music, who had a previous publishing agreement with Pete gets another third and Who managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp split the final third.

65-04-16 Goldhawk 65-04-16 Goldhawk

Back to the salt mine as The Who play the Il Rondo Club in Leicester (14th), the Goldhawk Social Club in Shepherd's Bush (16th) and the "Big Easter Rave" at the Florida Rooms in Brighton (17th).

On the 17th, "I Can't Explain" reaches its New Musical Express chart peak at #8. It had been released over three months before.

65-04-17 Record Mirror Article65-04-17 Record Mirror Article

Also on the 17th, Record Mirror reports that the extra tracks The Who recorded earlier in the week are destined for an LP to be released only in the U.S. and France. The listed tracks are "Please Please Please", "I Don't Mind", "Shout and Shimmy", "Heatwave", "Motorin'", "I'm a Man", and "Leaving Here".

65-04-22 ad 65-04-22 ad

Still more gigs. The Who make £51 playing the Civic Hall in Crawley (18th) which is followed by the Botwell House in Hayes (19th), the Marquee Club, London (20th) and the Waterfront Club in Southampton (22nd).

Cyrano Langston

On the 22nd, Who road manager Mike Shaw hires the Who's first roadie, Dave Langston. Langston, dubbed "Cyrano" or "Cy" because he once headed the band Cyrano and the Bergeracs, only remains as roadie for the next six months but never wanders far from The Who orbit.

That orbit takes him to the Oasis Club in Manchester (23rd), The Lynx Youth Club in Borehamwood (24th) followed that night by an all-night rave at The Club Noreik until 6am and the next night at the Trade Union Hall in Watford, the Town Hall in Bridgwater (26th - fee £200).

The Marquee Show of the 27th, the last night of their five-month residency, is recorded for later broadcast on Radio Luxembourg's Ready Steady Radio! Sadly, this tape, too, has been lost. Again check the attic.

This busy month ends with shows at the Bromel Club in the Bromley Court Hotel (28th) and The Town Hall in Trowbridge (30th - fee again £200). A total of twenty-six shows in thirty days! A typical set at this time (jotted down at their Marquee show on the 13th) is "Heatwave, "Motoring", "Shout and Shimmy", "Please Please Please", "I Don't Mind", "Smokestack Lightning" and "I'm a Man".

April 1915 (100 years ago)

New music: "I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier" - Morton Harvey; El Amor Brujo - Manuel de Falla; En Snes danske Viser - Carl Nielsen
Herbert Entwistle Herbert Entwistle
Courtesy: Chris Entwistle

On the 25th, John Entwistle's father, Herbert Entwistle, is born.

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